Existing Business

We believe that every business is a vehicle for the Business owner to reach their personal goals!

By providing the best information possible about the business we are able to help you make the right decisions about the future and direction of your business.

How We Can Help!

we have worked with hundreds of other leading accountants across the UK to formalise an 8-step best-practice process called The AVN Performance Measurement and Improvement System, it is based on what the UK’s most successful businesses do every single year.

Business Plans – Decide what you want to achieve in the year

Management Information & KPI Measurement – Measure how well you actually perform each month

Financial Statements – Measure your full year’s performance

Financial Performance Review – Evaluate your performance by comparing to previous years

Benchmarking – Evaluate your performance by comparing it to the rest of your industry

Business Valuations – Estimate how much your business is worth

Profit Improvement & Business Potential Review – Calculate how much more profitable and valuable your business could be

Action Planning – Develop a performance improvement plan