Business Plans & Forecasting

Why Do You Need Business plans and Forecasts?

Each Business has a purpose, An objective, A goal. Those fundamental reasons for its existence must first be identified, articulated and understood.

They must then be converted into a business plan – which describes the key elements of what the business is going to do over the next few years in pursuit of its goals.

Each year that business plan must be converted into a set of forecasts and budgets, setting out exactly what you aim to earn, spend, invest and achieve – and the implications for your cashflow.

How We Can Help!

  • Produce a clear articulation of what you really want from your business – Using the very latest goal-setting tools and processes, we can help you to identify, articulate and understand where you want the business to go.
  • Develop and write a business plan – Help you map out the future of the business, using our knowledge of your business, and our experience of working with hundreds of other businesses, and combining it with the additional insights gained by using strategic planning tools.
  • Prepare detailed forecasts and budgets – Using the best available financial modelling software, we can help you produce robust forecasts and budgets tailored to suit the exact needs of your business.