Tax Planning

If you operate a business then tax planning is a very important area that is all too often overlooked.

Everyone hopes to have a successful business, which turns their skills, inspiration, and hard work into hard cash. Many business owners fail because they take cash out of the business too soon. If you have cash in the bank you need to know if it’s yours to keep, or if it should be set aside for future spending, or for VAT and taxation liabilities.

You need to learn how to plan ahead. Burrow and Crowe can help you manage your present and future finances by preparing a detailed schedule of your tax liabilities and when they become due, thus enabling you to make provision well in advance.

By planning how and when to take your money out of the business we can maximise your potential earnings, whilst minimising the tax cost to the business.

A business should not be driven by its taxation liabilities, but it should make astute financial decisions to reduce liabilities wherever possible. Our expert and up to date knowledge of taxation rules can help you make the right decision based upon the best advice.

In particular, you should seek advice if you are considering:

  • Investing in property
  • Investing in fixed assets, plant and machinery
  • Buying a business
  • Selling up or considering retirement
  • Bringing new partners into the business
  • Making pension payments